2021欧洲杯下注,欧洲杯决赛竞猜|天津女排精神在传承:女儿成了母亲 队员成了教练
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  I am immersed in the memories and support of the fans, as if back to the stadium


   Although it is the fourth day of "National Honor-Chinese Women's Volleyball Spirit Exhibition", it is the first time Yin Na and Wang Qian have entered the exhibition hall. During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, there seemed to be more fans and citizens to visit the exhibition than in the scenic spots around Tianjin, which also surprised the two meritorious players.


"I especially enjoy the enthusiasm of fans and friends. As a member of the women's volleyball team, I am still very excited to come to this exhibition hall. I really did not expect that everyone did not choose to travel or relax at home to adjust, but came here to watch the exhibition. , Their support and care reminds me of the time I used to play. "Although she has retired, Wang Qian still enjoys the passion of the fans.


  As the former captain, standing in this exhibition hall, Yin Na can recall many things in the past. In the area of ??the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Pavilion, there is a section called "Lost and Fight Together". Yin Na came to this section specially and introduced to fans how the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team embodies the indomitable spirit of the women's volleyball team when they encounter difficulties: "Competitive sports have losses and losses. Each season is very long. At the end of the game, everyone hopes to win the championship, and every loss is a pity for us. But losing, from another perspective It’s also a good thing, because failure is an incentive for us to continue to fight for the championship, and victory will make us forget the game we lost. Only when we lose, the spirit of our women’s volleyball team can be more vividly reflected, we will not be defeated, we I can fight it back again."


Fans who are familiar with Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team know very well that Wang Qian’s father is Wang Baoquan, the head coach of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team. For this reason, Wang Qian was also a controversial player, but she was not affected by these, but rather even more. discipline oneself strictly. What's interesting is that when she saw the photos of her father in the exhibition hall, she even ran over and asked the reporters to take photos of him and his father. The happy joy on her face might not only be for her father. Love is more respect for a teacher. "I don't mind others saying that I rely on my father to survive in the team. Since I was a child, my father has been my idol. Indeed, without my father, there would be no me today. My life is inseparable from the cultivation of my father. For Wang Qian like this today, I want to thank my father, and also thank you for being a member of his team.” According to Wang Qian’s own introduction, she knows more about the disputes over her from the outside world, but no matter what, she still uses herself. His abilities proved that he was worthy to share the joy of every victory with the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team. "Tianjin women's volleyball team has won so many championships. I was once a member here. I am very proud. My father is also proud of me. We must continue to pass on the spirit of the women's volleyball team. It will not be defeated or dragged down. The tradition is passed on."

熟悉天津女排的球迷们非常清楚,王谦的父亲是天津女排主教练王宝全。因此,王茜也是一个有争议的球员,但是她并没有受到这些影响,而是受到了更多的影响。严格管教自己。有趣的是,当她在展厅里看到父亲的照片时,她甚至跑过去,请记者为他和父亲照相。她脸上的快乐喜悦可能不仅是为了父亲。爱是对老师的尊重。 “我不介意别人说我依靠父亲在团队中生存。自从我还是个孩子以来,父亲一直是我的偶像。确实,没有父亲,2021欧洲杯下注,欧洲杯决赛竞猜今天就没有我了。我的生活密不可分我今天要像王谦一样,感谢父亲,也感谢您加入他的团队。”根据王谦本人的介绍,她对外界的纠纷了解得更多,但无论如何,她仍然用自己,他的能力证明他值得与天津女排分享每场胜利的喜悦。天津女排赢得了那么多冠军。我曾经是这里的成员。我非常骄傲。我父亲也为我感到骄傲。我们必须继续传递女排的精神。它不会被击败或拖下去。传统得以延续。”

   Transformation after retirement Be a wife, mother, and teacher


   Now, Yin Na and Wang Qian, the two meritorious players of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, have finished their careers and have officially transformed from a professional player to a coach. More importantly, they have also completed two more important events in their lives in recent years-marrying someone and having children.


I believe many people still remember that Yin Na’s "Goddess Down to Earth" at the wedding five years ago will also bless Zhang Zhihan and Wang Qian, the golden boys and girls, but let’s not forget that they are now on the women’s volleyball stage as a coach The role of the member. "When I was a player, there are many things that I don’t need to think about. Now as a coach, I think more about it. I have a baby now, but I must go out early and return late in my career. It can’t be used in two ways. But my family is very considerate of me. Both my parents and my lover can understand my job. As a female coach, I can understand the female players well and read their hearts. Things, sometimes I’m more like a big sister, and the team members are very willing to tell me a lot of things.” It can be seen that Yin Na enjoys the transformation after retirement, but work and life are often not a perfect balance. I can only constantly change my role, no matter how tired I am. At this point, Yin Na was a little emotional. She also quickly made a joke and calmed down her mood: "Sometimes I take a vacation at home and chat with my family, I also joked with them, watching the baby compete. Even more tired!"

我相信很多人仍然记得,尹娜在五年前的婚礼上的《落地女神》也会祝福张志涵和王倩这两个金色的男孩和女孩,但请不要忘记他们现在正进入女子排球赛,教练成员的角色。 “当我是一名球员时,我不需要考虑很多事情。现在,当一名教练时,我会对此有所考虑。我现在有一个孩子,但是我必须早退,晚归。不能以两种方式使用它,但是我的家人非常体贴我,我的父母和我的情人都可以理解我的工作。作为一名女教练,我可以很好地了解女球员并读懂他们的内心。有时我更像一个大姐姐,团队成员非常愿意告诉我很多事情。”可以看出尹娜退休后很享受转变,但是工作和生活往往不是一个完美的平衡,无论我多么疲倦,我都只能不断地改变自己的角色,这时尹娜有些激动。她还迅速开了个玩笑,平息了自己的情绪:“有时我在家度假并与家人聊天,我还和他们开玩笑,看着婴儿比赛。更累了!”

Like Yin Na, Wang Qian, who has been married for two years, also has her own cute baby. She understands better as a woman, her responsibility in life and family: "I am also a mother now. I can better understand what every woman has in the family is not easy. It is very difficult to devote herself to both the family and the career. At the job, I am a female volleyball player and I should continue to be a coach. My old line, now the sports career has come to an end. In my coaching career, I will continue to learn from my father and the guidance of Lang Ping of the national team. They are the role models for my life.” Because of my father. As a coach, Wang Qian's transformation was relatively easy. With the help of her father, she was quickly qualified for the job. "My father is a very strict person no matter what, let alone his own daughter. He always leads by example and shows to everyone. In the past, except in training and on the field, I rarely talked to him about football. Now, when I get home, we often talk about this. He taught me how to be a coach and how to manage the team. Besides, being a man and playing ball have a positive direction for me. He really helped me a lot."


Although they have retired, Yin Na and Wang Qian still pay attention to the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team. In their view, the spirit of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team and Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team is there. Now these players will continue to win countless honors and become volleyball fans in Tianjin and even across the country Bring joy, "I hope they can continue the spirit of the women's volleyball team and the honor of champions. As big sisters, they will always support them. The spirit of the women's volleyball team needs to continue to be passed on. I believe they will do better than us!" (Jinyun News Reporter Yuan Xiaochen)

尽管已经退休,尹娜和王倩仍然关注天津女排。他们认为,中国女排和天津女排的精神就在那里。现在,这些球员将继续赢得无数荣誉,并成为天津乃至全国的排球迷。带来喜悦,“我希望他们能够继续保持女排的精神和冠军的荣誉。作为大姐姐,他们将始终支持他们需要继续传递女排的精神。我相信她们会比我们做得更好!” (J云新闻记者袁小晨)